Corporate Name : Hokuto Corporation
Established : July, 1964
Capital : 5.5 billion
Business Activities :
  • Molding of synthetic resin and sale of resin products.
  • Production and sale of agricultural materials and machines.
  • Production of agricultural products, advice on production.
  • Processing and sale of agricultural products.
  • All necessary ancillary to the above.
Employees :805 (as of March 31, 2009)

Subsidiaries :
  • Hokuto Industry Corporation: Production and sale of packaging materials and agricultural equipment.
  • Hokuto Medical Corporation: Production, processing and sale of Agarics and Pompom mushroom.
  • Hokto Kinoko Company: Production and sale of Kinoko mushrooms (Bunashimeji, Eryngii, Maitake and Bunapi) in U.S.A.
Masayoshi Mizuno,
Masayoshi Mizuno

Our History

HOKUTO Corporation was established in 1964 as a trading firm engaging in sales of packaging materials. The ensuing years saw it diversify into sales of agricultural machinery and manufacture of mushroom culture bottles, which led to the creation of a division engaging in research, production and sales of mushrooms. Our company is now the only producer in Japan with integrated mushroom-related operations. Under the motto "Creating new dietary cultures," our company is committed to research, development and production of mushrooms as a superior health food that is safe and worry-free. Mushrooms are growing in importance as people become more health-conscious, especially in light of our rapidly graying society. Our efforts to contribute to better health have also led us to become active in academic studies on mushrooms' pharmacological effects. Good health is undeniably a prevailing concern of mankind. We are determined to devote ourselves to research, development and production of mushrooms in response to mankind's two most important wishes: "We wish to remain healthy“ and "We wish to enjoy a long life.“ "Creating new dietary cultures with mushrooms"- this is the business concept we champion as the leading company of our field. We will spare no efforts to contribute to society as we continue to meet growing social needs.